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American Institutions

An awareness of the unique history, structure, and institutions of our nation is essential for productive and successful citizenship. Courses meeting the American Institutions General Education requirement will:

  • Explain the formal and informal structures and processes that comprise the social system, government and economy of the United States
  • Describe the significant and influential ideas and philosophies that inform the social, cultural and governmental institutions of the United States

To meet these goals, courses in American Institutions will require students to complete, at a minimum, the following:

  • Read a substantial and sufficient amount of disciplinary work to provide exposure to the main theories and concepts of the field
  • Participate in lectures, discussions, and other in-class learning activities designed to provide exposure to, and a basic understanding of, the core content of the discipline
  • Take exams that measure retention and understanding of course material
    Engage in activities that focus on a particular theme, event, theory, concept, or idea that encourages thoughtful reading, careful analysis, and significant understanding in the application of disciplinary knowledge